Monday, November 29, 2010

Network Chiropractic has really helped me!

Network Chiropractic care is a very powerful and unique practice.  I went to a Network doctor about 16 years ago because I was in great back pain from my old job of installing monuments, (most weighed hundred of pounds).  I remember wondering if it was going to really do ANYTHING because it seemed like such a gentle approach and I was used to the regular chiropractors that forced everything back into place.  I knew right away when leaving the doctor's office that SOMETHING was different and better. 
Over the years I have gone and really love how it has brought be ease and peace in my stressful life. 
It can be a difficult thing for me to explain to people when I try and tell them about it.  I just can KNOW that it has worked and done seriously amazing healing in my life.  Here is the website that may explain it the way it should be explained...
Locally, I am under the care of Dr. Marc Rabinowitz.  Dr. Marc, like other network doctors, really does care about my wellness and wants me to feel better!  I know I do feel better, have a great flexibility, and control stress in my life that can turn right into tight back pain. 
This care really is powerful, and I know it works for me.  For that, I am filled with gratitude!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Having a deaf brother

can really help if selling Hudson Valley Real Estate to a hearing impaired client.  My middle brother Michael has been deaf his whole life and growing up with him was just "normal" for me.  Last year I had a deaf client who was looking to buy a home.  Mickey was a great help with communication because I don't know much sign language.  With today's technology my brother could really be a help if I have any other hearing impaired clients.  I use Skype and he has a "video relay" service that is just like Skype.  I sold my brother a house last year and he lives near me and would love to help me if I need sign language. 
Just another way I can help unique clients find homes! 
(my morning view from home)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Anthony Bourdain in Kingston last night!

Kingston was buzzing last night with foodies and fans of Anthony Bourdain!  Anthony came to town last night to do a show at the Ulster Performing Arts Center in midtown.  Every one of Kingston's new restaurant owners were out for this show!  UPAC is such a great venue and I have seen so many amazing shows there.  I have seen Patti Smith, Whoopie Goldberg, The Black Crowes, Jerry Lee Lewis, Natalie Merchant, and so many other great shows there!  It's a really classic old theatre and any show is great to see there!
Kingston is really becoming a scene with cool new restaurants.  The city reminds me of what happened to Williamsburg Brooklyn and I hope this continues.  I had to show buyer clients from Connecticut houses in Kingston all day yesterday and it was nice to see this city through their eyes. 
After a day of showing houses, I went to the show...
I am a big fan of Anthony's show "No reservations" and love his books, but didn't know what to expect him to do live.  His show was classic Bourdain.  He shredded celebrity chefs, food writers, dumb tourists, and really left nobody in the food world safe.  I ate all of it and it was a delicious show!
After the show I got to meet him and asked him to come to Rio again.  He did a show there once back when Rio was a whole different city and a way more dangerous place.  I told him how it's changed and ready for him to come back.  It would be sweet!
Now is the time to buy property here in Kingston.  Prices are ripe, and interest rates are simmering on low!
Here are a couple of the great new food places we have...
Elephant is Kingston's Tapas and wine bar...
Boitson's is my new favorite...
This is their Facebook page...
Of course if you want to stay home and cook, stop by Fleishers.  Kingston's organic butcher...
Now is the time for Kingston!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey Tim, what has been selling in the Hudson Valley market this past week?

I'm so glad you asked, (well nobody asked, but blogging sometimes feels like I'm talking to myself)!
This past 7 days there were 30 properties sold.  The highest price paid was $850,000 and the lowest at $35,000.  Here they are
If the above link 'Click Here to View Listings' does not function, copy and paste the following link into your browser address bar:
The average days on the market for these were 188 days.
Now is really the time for buying in the Hudson Valley.  My website has the entire MLS of ALL the properties for sale on it.  If you don't see something there, just let me know, and I'll find it for you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hudson Valley Real Estate in winter...

Can get  a little slow.  It's the time of the year when I head to Rio de Janeiro.  While I am there, I parade and compete in Rio's Carnaval.  It's the biggest show on the planet and I march with the same group, (samba school) Vila Isabel every year.  All 3,800 in our group go in to the stadium in from of 100,000, (and the global news) to perform this year's theme, song, and dance while the jury judge on many ddifferent categories.  I was with them when they won in 2006 and we won that year by only 1/10th of a point!  This year the supermodel Gisele is parading with us!  Our group's theme this year is HAIR, (not the musical)!  We have 75 minutes to get the group down the runway and through the stadium including our floats that can be 6 stories tall!  It's always a big suprise to get my costume each year.  One year I wore something that was 15 feet high, and had to parade at 4AM in 100 degree heat!
Here is the news about Gisele...
I still stay on top of the local market, just in a much warmer climate, (it's summer in Rio at that time)!
Here is part of our 2006 parade that we won!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Like to ski?

This is a really SWEET listing at the base of Hunter Mountain!
It's a really solid clean home right in town!  There is also a creek in the back of the large property, (1.3 acres)!  This home will make you want to fire up the fireplace, throw on some Dean Martin, and pourr the martinis!  Check out the virtual tour!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pssssssssssst...wanna see the MLS?

You can look through the entire MLS on my website...
Looking for short sales and forclosures?  Shoot me an email!  I've got access to plenty of them.  Many thanks!

The past week of Hudson Valley Real Estate...

I usually post this on Friday, (or try to) but am going to be busy tomorrow morning.  There were 37 properties sold this past week.  Here is the link to them...
Notice the "original price" and "sold price".  Also notice the days on the market, ("DOM").
When pricing properties, I really want my sellers to price properties at least 10% LESS than the rest of the homes similar to theirs on the market, (below the competition).  This can be a tricky thing to explain to a seller, but I am always confidant it works!  There is also a chance that having a great property with a super price could cause a bidding war which could end in the property being sold HIGHER than it's actual value!
Thanks, and hope all is well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Arghhhhhhhhhh ADS!!!

I just went on my blog here and see all sorts of political ads and ads for OTHER real estate companies.  I only endorse ME and would only use ME to find Hudson Valley Real Estate!
I do think EVERYONE should vote today!
(I'm Tim Hurley and I approve this message)