Friday, July 27, 2012

Kingston..."Brooklyn on the Hudson"...

I always love when I have clients from the city come up to look at houses in Woodstock, and after talking to them think Kingston might be a better fit.  To give them an idea of Kingston, I may have them meet in the Kingston office instead of meeting in our Woodstock office.  My Kingston office is in a very historic area and there are lots of shoppes, restaurants, and plenty of historic buildings from when this was NY’s first capitol.

Kingston has an artistic urban vibe, but you can still find, (like I did) a home that is on a dirt road and feels miles away, but is just a few minutes from EVERYTHING you need!

Kingston is not for everyone.  It’s a very diverse community where the locals really want to meet new people.  Some of my buyer clients really don’t want that, and would prefer to bring supplies and really escape for a remote weekend, (yes, I can find that also for you)!

Here is a photo log from our company Flickr page of Kingston…

Here are two of my own listings I have on right now that I feel are really the BEST this city has to offer!
I take great pride in this city, and would really love to show you around to all it has to offer, (even if you have no plans of buying property here)!

Many thanks, and have a great weekend,

(Fridays are a Realtor’s Monday)!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life on the Hudson River

I live on the Hudson River and there really is no other place in the Hudson Valley I would live.  It's a lifestyle that each day brings something better all seasons.
There really is not as much property on the river as people think when they ask me to find them a "river house".
An agent in my office has this great property in Saugerties and I wanted to help him let friends and clients know about it.  Just let me know if you think this may be something you want to see, and I'll make sure to get you in to preview this.  Many thanks, and hope all is well.