Friday, July 30, 2010

The big Hudson Valley wedding is here!!

It was really great this morning watching all the morning news shows live here!  They are all right across the river from me in Rhinebeck for Chelsea Clinton's big wedding.  One news station even showed the Kingston/Rhinecliff Bridge that I live next to.  Hudson River living is really the best way to enjoy life!  Here is a Hudson River property I have on the market right now that is just down the road from me...
I really hope guests coming here for the first time this weekend think this is where they need to live also.  I can find the perfect Hudson valley Real estate for clients who have to be here!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My sweet new wesite!

Well, I am finally up and running with my website!  You can look through all the houses on the Ulster County MLS, or sign up and have me update you with any new properties you may be looking for!  You really now have all you need for Hudson Valley Real Estate!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This weekend is "THE wedding" here!

It really doesn't matter where most locals stand on the political isle, but just about everyone is really excited about this weekend's WEDDING!  I live on the Hudson River just across from Rhinebeck where Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend...
There is a very small airport almost in my backyard and because it's the closest airport to Rhinebeck, I have been hearing way more helicopters and planes landing than usual.  Stephen Spielberg, Oprah, Barbara Streisand, and many more have been invited, so my telescope is ready on the porch.
Our local paper "the Kingston Freeman" has been posting almost an article a day and just like everything else these days, people either think it's a great thing for the area, or the end of the world!
As a Hudson Valley Realtor, I can only see this as a good opportunity to possibly sell the area to people who may be here for the first time and need to buy property here!  I am lucky to have an ad for a Hudson River property in a very big glossy magazine that is all over the area...
Here is the NY Times ad for the property that is in the magazine...
Good luck Chelsea!  I wish I was selling Hudson valley Real Estate when your Dad was president!
Yes, all the wedding guests may just be whisked in and out again so they don't get to shop locally, but as the NY lottery ad says, "hey, ya never know"!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GREAT new place for the foodies of Kingston...Boitson's!

The Hudson Valley is full of the best places to eat!  Just across the Hudson River from Kingston is the Culinary Institute of America...
Food and local farms are one of the best reasons for living in the Hudson Valley!
This is a super great new place in Kingston!  The food and drinks are stellar, and so is the owner Maria with chef Fred!  There is also a new "speakeasy" called, "Stockade" right around the corner!
Here is one review...
and here is what the same paper has to say about the new cocktail lounge...
Another great reason for living in Kingston!