Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yes, Realtor ads are the MOSY CHEESEY!

Being in a business where I always have to do advertisement can be a challenge.  I have sent out postcards years ago when I started doing Real Estate that I look at now and cringe.  My manager has one up in her office of a "just sold" card I sent out when I sold an OLD dentist office in Saugerties to a first time homeowner, (she has since turned it in to a beautiful village home).  "If I just sold THIS, I am ready for ANY challenge"...(brutal).
Having to come up with new and interesting descriptions of properties are another hurdle.  It really does seem sometimes like every adjective you use on a property can sometimes not actually sound human...(who talks like us Realtors)?
Then there are the head shots.  No matter how great a head shot, I always think "that is NOT me"!
Ellen DeGeneres just did a pretty funny spot-on bit on Realtor ads that is pretty hysterical!  Watch this clip and the CALL ME TODAY to help you with you Hudson Valley Real Estate needs!