Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Hudson Valley disaster report...

The headlines on Kingston's local paper this morning said in bold print..."DEVASTATION".  As I carried buckets of water to the house this morning after three days of no power, I started to think of how well I have things right now. 
Coldwell Banker Village Green had five offices here in the Hudson Valley.  One of the five was in Windham and that town has been "wiped out" according to the papers.  Our broker has lost one of the most productive offices she owns...for now, (Joan is a fighter and will get things back soon).
Here is the Windham flood Story...
I live in a 127 year old house on the Hudson River and before the storm I watched huge yachts going up river to escape.  The morning after the storm I saw some return and other boats upside down tied to floating away docks.
Hurricane Irene arrived in the middle of some very challenging negations and stress for me.  Driving around the area really is one of those horrible things that makes us step back and see how much there is to be grateful for.
I am still without power, but come into the Kingston office to contact clients, check the news, and share stories with co workers who are also without power and have stories of their own.  I had some high water in the basement and it really drained back out fast. 
Back to Hudson Valley Real Estate...
I have clients who want to look at homes the next few days and I am calling to see if the properties are still able to be accessed.
Happy to be alive!
(pict from my cell after the storm passed)

Monday, August 22, 2011

What does a million dollars buy in the Hudson Valley?

I sometimes hear people who live in the Hudson Valley say, "I could get a million dollars for my home,  I have a view"!  Right away I wonder, "do they have privacy?  what is the view of?  what makes your home so special"?  It's one of the toughest challenges for me in today's market.  I understand the EMOTIONAL value of a home for someone, but in this tough market savvy buyers know exactly what they are looking for and what they are willing to pay for it.
I did a search this morning on the MLS to see exactly what sort of single family residential properties have sold for a million dollars or more.  Here are the thirteen sold properties in the past year...
The least amount of land on a property was 4 acres, (with Hudson River views).  The earliest year built was 1739, and newest was 2002.
Today's current market has 60 properties on the maket over one million dollars.  Here they are...
I really am glad I looked all this up for the next time I have a buyer looking for luxury Hudson Valley Real Estate or am at a party and hear someone say, "I can get a million bucks for my house right now"!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Check out this AMAZING Hudson Valley home...

This beautiful home in Rosendale is now on the market!  The feedback on the property has been STELLAR and it won't sit on this market long!