Monday, March 18, 2013

A Rio postcard and how to pick a house Upstate...

As many of my clients and blog readers know, I take a two month trip to Rio each year in the middle of winter, (when the market is slowest).  This year's trip was really special.  I compete in Rio's Carnaval and parade in one of the 12 groups (samba schools) that fight to win each year.  The groups all have to write a new song, theme, and dance each year and they are judged on about 40 categories from four different judges who give from 5 to 10 points, (ten being highest).
This year our parade was almost PERFECT and we won!  We have not been champions since 2006 and it's pretty incredible to be on the winning team!
Here is the video... (the small group of dancers in the front at about nine minutes tell the story of what the parade will be).
Here is a photo album from the news...
Each year when I get back in March, things are starting to pick up and I become busy with clients looking for that perfect upstate home.  With so many different towns and communities it can really be a challenge to decide which place is right for you.  I have had plenty of clients tell me they want one type of property when we start out, and wind up with something completely different from what they thought they were looking for.  That is where I come in and help guide lost clients.
Here is a GREAT article that explains some choices...
Here is one of my favorite listings on the market right now that is in a very popular neighborhood and will probably not be on the market for too long!
Many thanks and think SPRING!