Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm on the cover of The Ulster County Chamber of Commerce's mag!

This past Spring when my house was on the Saugerties historic home tour, (I live at one of the Hudson River's brickyards) the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce sent a photographer on the tour.  They asked to take a picture from my gazebo for their business directory and I said, "sure"!  I really thought it was going to be just a small picture, but now when I go inside any local store or business, I see MY HOUSE on the cover of a magazine!  Buying this house ten years ago is what brought me to becoming a Realtor.  My "buyer agent" was so good and really covered so much deatail that it looked like the perfect career choice for me.  That agent, Arielle Curtin, worked for another broker then, but now works with me at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty!
Here is the directory for Ulster County businesses...


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whats O positive?

The O+ festival is a really amazing event happening here in Kingston.  Artists and musicians trade art for FREE health care of almost every kind of wellness there is!  I was lucky to be part of last year's second festival as a parade performer and was so grateful to have done it.  I am once again in the kick off parade and have some exciting things planned for it!  The whole weekend last year, I just went around town to all the different venues to hear AMAZING bands and Kingston really felt like a completely different city.  All over the city buildings are covered with really cool, wild ART making the city a wonderland of creative space.  The restored Kirkland Hotel uptown becomes a sort of hospital that you can just go to for wellness and workshops.
Here is the website for the festival and what they are all about...
It's such a great thing to come experience Kingston with!
O Positive art...