Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look, I'm mobil!!

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25 Poplar Court

I love this Hudson Valley home!
25 Poplar Court

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Upstate New York in the fall...leaves and homes!

This is the time of the year when I dread the cold and start to complain about it getting dark earlier every day...GROAN!  I start to daydream about going to Rio De Janerio in a few more months where it is again SUMMER!  I always forget this is FALL and the best time to live here in the Hudson Valley!  Selling Hudson Valley real estate this time of the year can be great when I take clients to a property with amazing views of the Fall colors like this home I am showing today...
It's also a great time to get to the Walkway over the Hudson!  Open a year now, it's the best local place to see the Fall colors!!!
Yesterday, the colors here were PERFECT!  I went out to the porch and took these photos of the Hudson River and last night's full moon...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What has the Hudson Valley market been doing the past month?

From a search on the Ulster County MLS system...
Sold residential properties that closed sales between September 1st and today, (10/20).
There were 84 properties sold.  The highest sold at $1,100,000, the lowest sold at $32,500.  The average days on the market was 160 days.
There is so much in the news that makes the current market look dismal, but I see local homes selling!  I have really been busy working with buyers and getting properties marketed for my sellers.  Pricing in this market is so important.  The market is flooded with homes, and I really make sure my listings are the best priced homes out there! Look at "asking price" and "sold price".  You really get an idea of homes that are priced right, and those that may have not.  Here is the past month's list...
Thanks so much, and hope all is well!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woodstock film fest tech gossip...

So, living in the Hudson Valley always has surprises!  A few weeks ago I went to Diesing's for breakfast...
While I was eating, I was listening to two Woodstock Film Festival
goers chatting (loudly, wanting to be heard and sound important) about tech stuff.  Normally I really try to  ignore the weekenders trying to look important to us locals, but they were actually chatting about something I knew a little about.  They were talking about the "new I-phone" that is coming out.  I have never owned an I-phone and love my Palm Pre, but I may have to get the newest I-phone when it comes out.  My sound system in my Subaru Legacy is awesome.  My friend owns stock in the sound chip that is in my car, (Cirrus Logic) and he tells me that is what makes my car sound system sound so amazing.  I don't follow sound and tech stuff, but my car really does sound awesome, and even clients have asked about it and I smartly tell them about what makes it sound so great!
These two tech geeks were chatting about how that same chip is expected to go into the new I-phone when it comes out.  I use my phone to listen to almost all of my music and if this new phone is as sweet as they were babbling about, I may have to just get one, (like EVERYONE else has done and I have fought the trendy)!
One interesting little bit if info picked up living here in the Hudson Valley...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New York Times say...

Yes, it really is a great time to purchase property in the Hudson Valley.  The local market here in Ulster County is solid, and the New York Times thinks so also...
Here is a great article...
What are you waiting for?  Interest rates are predicted to start slowly creeping up, and so will the prices.  Look through the MLS on my website then let me help find your perfect upstate New York dram home!

25 Poplar Court, Kingston, NY | Powered by Postlets

25 Poplar Court, Kingston, NY Powered by Postlets

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have YOU checked out my website?

It's everything you need for real estate in the Hudson Valley and if you don't find something, just email me so I can find ot for you!  I'm like your own real estate Bloodhound!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Forclosures in the Hudson Valley?

I am getting a lot of people lately asking if I have access to foreclosure properties.  Yes, I can find those for buyers!  Today (10/11/10) there are 38 properties in the MLS.  The lowest price is $27,900 (for a 900 square foot WRECK in Green County) and the highest price of $279,000 for a 2,800 square foot home that needs some work in Orange County.  There are many serious "hurdles" when buying a foreclosure from the bank and buyers are not protected like they would be just buying the same priced home from a listing agent.  If you really are interested in a Hudson Valley foreclosure property, give me a call so I can help you through the process.
Here is one of those houses on the market right now...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey, look Ma...I'm a widget!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

O+ festival this weekend

This is a really great festival good friends of mine in Kingston have organized.  I may just take a break from Hudson Valley Real estate and enjoy this awesome event all weekend!  Some of my favorite musicians like Gail Ann Dorsey and Sara Lee are playing!  here is the site and info...