Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yes, Realtor ads are the MOSY CHEESEY!

Being in a business where I always have to do advertisement can be a challenge.  I have sent out postcards years ago when I started doing Real Estate that I look at now and cringe.  My manager has one up in her office of a "just sold" card I sent out when I sold an OLD dentist office in Saugerties to a first time homeowner, (she has since turned it in to a beautiful village home).  "If I just sold THIS, I am ready for ANY challenge"...(brutal).
Having to come up with new and interesting descriptions of properties are another hurdle.  It really does seem sometimes like every adjective you use on a property can sometimes not actually sound human...(who talks like us Realtors)?
Then there are the head shots.  No matter how great a head shot, I always think "that is NOT me"!
Ellen DeGeneres just did a pretty funny spot-on bit on Realtor ads that is pretty hysterical!  Watch this clip and the CALL ME TODAY to help you with you Hudson Valley Real Estate needs!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm on the cover of The Ulster County Chamber of Commerce's mag!

This past Spring when my house was on the Saugerties historic home tour, (I live at one of the Hudson River's brickyards) the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce sent a photographer on the tour.  They asked to take a picture from my gazebo for their business directory and I said, "sure"!  I really thought it was going to be just a small picture, but now when I go inside any local store or business, I see MY HOUSE on the cover of a magazine!  Buying this house ten years ago is what brought me to becoming a Realtor.  My "buyer agent" was so good and really covered so much deatail that it looked like the perfect career choice for me.  That agent, Arielle Curtin, worked for another broker then, but now works with me at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty!
Here is the directory for Ulster County businesses...


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whats O positive?

The O+ festival is a really amazing event happening here in Kingston.  Artists and musicians trade art for FREE health care of almost every kind of wellness there is!  I was lucky to be part of last year's second festival as a parade performer and was so grateful to have done it.  I am once again in the kick off parade and have some exciting things planned for it!  The whole weekend last year, I just went around town to all the different venues to hear AMAZING bands and Kingston really felt like a completely different city.  All over the city buildings are covered with really cool, wild ART making the city a wonderland of creative space.  The restored Kirkland Hotel uptown becomes a sort of hospital that you can just go to for wellness and workshops.
Here is the website for the festival and what they are all about...
It's such a great thing to come experience Kingston with!
O Positive art...


Thursday, September 27, 2012

My favorite Hudson Valley property right now...

I just previewed this really AMAZING home yesterday and had to get the word out for the listing agent.  This home is on almost 18 private country acres and it feels like you are in your own private park.  The house is surrounded by a small creek, (that never flooded) that winds all around your home with paths alongside and small bridges that go over it.  The inside of the house feels like a warm SOLID home that has a HUGE fireplace so you won't care when the plow guy ever shows up!  I was really surprised to see it priced at only $439,000, (I was guessing much HIGHER)!  I know this won't be on the market long, so call me so I can show it to you!  I told the agent the pictures don't do justice and she should hire a professional to capture all the extras this house has.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two REALLY sweet AFFORDABLE properties!

The Ulster County market has so much great value right now, and things are FINALLY starting to sell!  I wanted to get the word out about two of the best priced homes listed right now, (both $140K)!
397 Joys Lane in Hurley is a well maintained and cared for brick home set back on a beautiful country road.  It's a small home, and the perfect spot for someone looking for a "close to everything" weekend place in Ulster County, without a second time job fixing something.  Take a look!
12 Delta Place in uptown Kingston is a very large FOUR bedroom home on a double city lot!  You can't find a place this large and is such great condition anyplace in Kingston!  In a terrific "walkable" (and desirable) neighborhoods, with hardwood moldings, stained glass windows, LARGE front porch, and an even bigger back deck that is perfect for entertaining!  Take a look!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hudson Valley Summer horse life...(and a couple listings)

While Saratoga is described as "the best six weeks of Summer", Saugerties also has a major horse competition and venue as well.  HITS, (horses in the sun) is a really big annual event that brings a LOT of visitors here to the Hudson Valley, (Bruce Springsteen even came to watch his daughter compete)!  The horses mostly compete in jumping courses with the Catskill Mountains as an awesome background.  The venue also has an end of season concert and this year Michael McDonald is playing on September 9th.
I previewed a GREAT horse farm yesterday in Saugerties on TWENTY acres that is PERFECT for anyone looking for property for horses.  Here is the property...
I spend as much time as I can in Saratoga during racing season, and this year had an excuse.  I have two really great listings in Saratoga!
The first is a motel I have stayed at for years now because it's right on the backstretch and as close to the horse "action" as you can get!
The second is a restored historic building with three store fronts and two 2 bedroom upstairs apartments.  It's in Saratoga's "arts district".
This weekend is the "Travers Stakes" and I will be in saratoga all weekend and hopefully not only win big, but sell both of these great properties I've had so much "action" on during this season!  "AND they're off"!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two GREAT properties!

I just really wanted to get the word out about two properties on the market right now.  The first is a "short sale" in Kingston.  This is a really BIG home in Kingston and close to EVERYTHING!  It's priced at only $150,000 and will sell fast at this price!  Here is the property...
The other is listed with an agent in my office.  I have shown this property a lot and feedback has been SUPER, (I am even hoping the last couple I showed this to will bring an offer soon)!  It's in the Town of Ulster and very close to Kingston!
Most of my buyers this Summer have really been asking for "VALUE" and I think these two are the best on the market right now!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kingston..."Brooklyn on the Hudson"...

I always love when I have clients from the city come up to look at houses in Woodstock, and after talking to them think Kingston might be a better fit.  To give them an idea of Kingston, I may have them meet in the Kingston office instead of meeting in our Woodstock office.  My Kingston office is in a very historic area and there are lots of shoppes, restaurants, and plenty of historic buildings from when this was NY’s first capitol.

Kingston has an artistic urban vibe, but you can still find, (like I did) a home that is on a dirt road and feels miles away, but is just a few minutes from EVERYTHING you need!

Kingston is not for everyone.  It’s a very diverse community where the locals really want to meet new people.  Some of my buyer clients really don’t want that, and would prefer to bring supplies and really escape for a remote weekend, (yes, I can find that also for you)!

Here is a photo log from our company Flickr page of Kingston…

Here are two of my own listings I have on right now that I feel are really the BEST this city has to offer!
I take great pride in this city, and would really love to show you around to all it has to offer, (even if you have no plans of buying property here)!

Many thanks, and have a great weekend,

(Fridays are a Realtor’s Monday)!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life on the Hudson River

I live on the Hudson River and there really is no other place in the Hudson Valley I would live.  It's a lifestyle that each day brings something better all seasons.
There really is not as much property on the river as people think when they ask me to find them a "river house".
An agent in my office has this great property in Saugerties and I wanted to help him let friends and clients know about it.  Just let me know if you think this may be something you want to see, and I'll make sure to get you in to preview this.  Many thanks, and hope all is well.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Have you heard the buzz about ROSENDALE yet?

I often have clients who come up from Manhattan looking for property in Woodstock.  They usually choose Woodstock because Woodstock is one of the only towns some people in NYC know about in the Catskills.  Some are suprised with the prices of property in Woodstock.  Woodstock is some of the most expensive of all Ulster County Real Estate. 
Those clients who feel a "sticker shock" over Woodstock Real Estate I can introduce to Rosendale.  Rosendale has the same "vibe" and scence of artistic community that you find in Woodstock, but with a very affordable price tag.
Here is what the NY Times says...
New York Times says "Woodstock is dead"...
Village Green's blog just wrote this about Rosendale...
Rosendale also has a few sweet bed and breakfast places to stay.  The 1850 House is one of the town's newest makeovers...
The Rosendale music festival is one of my favorite local music festivals!  It's three days of great music and food!
Speaking of food...
One of my favorite Rosendale places is "Twisted foods"!  GREAT lunches and amazing pretzels!
Give me a call and let me show you Rosendale!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Esopus...(eee-so-puss)! Hidden jewel of the Hudson Valley

Esopus, NY is about 90 miles north of Manhattan, but worlds away.  It's a beautiful area of mountains that are along side the Hudson River.  I love to bring friends from out of town so see a lot of the great parks in Esopus like Black Creek Preserve...
The famous women's rights and abolitionist Sojourner Truth lived in Esopus her first 32 years, and there is a small memorial park for her on 9W in town.
The writer John Borroughs also lived in Esopus at Slabslides.  Slabsides is a really great place to see and understand Mr. Burrough's inspiration from nature there.

Here is a small photo album about Esopus...
Esopus is a great find for classic Ulster County Real this great property...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ok, a crazy random test...Ulster County Real Estate

I heard that putting Ulster County Real Estate in 65% of a blog post will push your web presence up high on Google.  You can stop reading now...
This is a test...
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Rollin on the river"...or "comin down the mountain"

One of the greatest things about life in the Hudson Valley is all the great music festivals that happen all summer long!  We have always been known for a music scene because of Woodstock and Bethel Woods.  Woodstock these days doesn't have the strong music scene it once did and the weekend crowd that goes to Woodstock, all seems to be there to just SHOP!  People who come to buy property in Woodstock all seem to ask me where the best places to go for music are.  Depending on what shows are around or who is playing, sometimes things in Woodstock can really give people a let down impression, (good thing the homes there are still so GREAT)!
The Clearwater Festival is a really cool weekend music event that came from Pete Seiger's mission of cleaning up the Hudson River.  As a home owner on the Hudson, I am always grateful for all the years of work put in, (to this day) by Pete.  Pete Seiger is to the Hudson Valley what Bruce Springstein is to New Jersey!  The music festival is always full of amazing bands and also just alongside the Hudson River!  Read more about it all here...
Looking for more?
Woodstock radio station WDST puts on "Mountain Jam" this weekend!  It's always such a popular event and has a vibe similar to a smaller version of THE Woodstock concert years ago.  You can get a one day pass or a camping pass and enjoy four days of music!  This year will probably be extra special because of the passing of Levon Helm and all the incredible tributes expected!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


For about sixteen years not only did I refuse to eat meat, but had become one of the most picky eaters on the planet.  I was an adult who had the appetite of a spoiled brat!  When I moved to the Hudson Valley from NYC it got even easier to not eat this or that and pass judgement on the people who did.  Family and friends also had opinions about my food lifestyle..."oh, he won't eat THAT" was often said at family holiday dinners.  Sometimes it was "oh, come on, just try this, you will love it".  It was like the teenage me with the crazy hair colors and styles was now rebelling with FOOD. 
Funny looking back at that.  How LAME!  I started going to South America and trying to explain to some of the sweetest people in the world "no meat" was almost impossible.  It was usually a beautiful plate of vegetables with MEAT on it that I would pick around and be grossed out that it touched the rest of the plate.  I was a mess and knew it, but had to change this because I hated looking this way, (typical American Gringo ASS) to people in another country who I really loved so much so I started to try and just eat what I was served.  I found out, IT WAS GOOD!
Back in Kingston a new butcher had opened uptown.  It was organic meat.  I knew if I was going to start eating meat again THIS was the way to go.  I could still be the picky eater and start eating healthy meat again!  The first time I stopped in  to Fleisher's it just smelled so amazing.  I had no idea what to order or what anything in the store even was.  The owner Joshua Applestone suggested BEACON.  Clever of him.  NOBODY can say "no" to BEACON! 
It was AWESOME and not the greasy fatty salty stuff I remembered.  I started to go in to the store more for my weekly gentle meat fix.  I always asked, "what's that?" and they would always explain what I was buying and how I should cook it.  I was discovering meat the way it should be discovered...learned.
Over the years I have learned so much, and just from being a customer.  Fleisher's also offers butcher classes and owner Joshua Applestone even was on tv teaching Martha Stewart how to butcher a pig!
They offered a class a while ago to the public and I was almost signed up, but then saw "see the slaughter of the pig" on the sign and decided I couldn't.  I really do understand if you eat meat, you should see how it is killed, but all I think I can do is catch fish.  Somehow deep sea fishing and getting monster fish on the boat with blood and gross really is the line for me.  Weird.
I now have a routine.  Stop in to Fleisher's Thursday or Friday and stock up.  I can't go in there on Saturday...way too busy with "weekenders".  I'm beyond happy that the store is PACKED on Saturdays, but I like stopping in during the week way better.  I stop in and still ask the guys behind the counter, "what is THAT and how do I cook it" or "I LOVE those" and they just are always happy to suggest how they like to cook it.  It always feels like such an old fashioned way to buy food.  Talking to a vendor about their product...what a concept.  I always walk out of the store feeling like I didn't just "buy something" but had a way cool food experience!
Can't make it to the Kingston or Park Slope stores?  get the book!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Ulster County Fair and Woodstock properties!

One of the best things about owning Ulster County Real Estate is being able to be part of all the farmer's markets and different fairs during the summer!  The Ulster County Fair is a lot smaller than the Dutchess County Fair, but it's also more of a "classic" county fair.  It's a single price admission and that includes rides and shows.  This year the VILLAGE PEOPLE are playing!  I saw The Village People, (and CHARO) at the Dutchess County Fair a few years ago and they were a blast to see live! 
 Here is the Ulster County Fair website...
The fair is in New Paltz.  New Paltz is a really great town and owning Ulster County Real Estate there is not only great value, but also a really hip, cool, laid back lifestyle!
This is a great property I just previewed yesterday in New Paltz.  It can be hard to find land and the right home when looking in Ulster County Real Estate, but this one not only has a cool 50's style Catskill's retreat home in excellent condition, but is also on almost three acres of property!
If you are looking for Woodstock property, there are two Woodstock properties I previewed the other day and loved!  They are two completely different styles and prices, but each has that perfect Woodstock property buyers are looking for right now! 
This home had such great "Restoration Hardware" design and privacy, (over SIX private acres)! I wanted to move right in!
The second home is priced much less and for even MORE acreage, (SEVEN acres)!  The house has such a warm country feeling and all you hear are the waterfalls from the creek outside!  A PERFECT and AFFORDABLE Catskill getaway or permanent home!
If you are looking for Ulster County Real Estate or that perfect Catskills me now!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Life in my historic home...

I live in a home that was once a brick manufacturer along the Hudson River.  Kingston, NY once had many brick companies because the clay was perfect for making bricks.  I live where Goldrick bricks were once made and in Mr. Philip Goldrick's home.  Some information about him and the company is here on this site...
A few months ago I was asked by the Town of Saugerties to have my home on the  Saugerties historic home tour.  At first I said "no" mostly because I didn't think my home looked like other "historic" homes in the area and also because I really did not know what to expect.  The people on the commission addressed all my concerns and made me feel like it would be a great worthwhile experience. 
Being a Realtor I looked at the opportunity to also meet possible future clients.  Expecting about 200 people, I didn't want to just hand each person a card and had to think of a more creative way to get everyond my contact information.  After a lot of thinking, I came up with making chocolate Goldrick brick bars with my card attached to the wraper!
My neighbors Marion Boxer and Jason Boxer found out about the tour and really were not happy we were doing it, (well, they never really ARE happy about ANYTHING).  I explained to them that there would be a small bus taking small groups to the house all day and it would never be crowded, but they told me, "we have been on these tours and they are very invasive.  The people go through your drawers, destroy property, and have no respect for the home owners".  They had a survey done and started to park their cars in a way to make the whole tour difficult for any flow of parking.  As the tour got closer I started to wonder if they had a good point and started to get anxious about my descision.  Were the (peronoid) Boxers right?  Was this going to be the nightmare they promised?
Nothing could have been further from the truth.  On the day of the tour, small groups of people were bussed in.  The bus had no problems turning around, (even after the Boxers did all they could to block off my road).  People all day were just beyond grateful for my hospitality, respectful, and cociderate of my home and really loved learning it's history from all the voulenteers working.  Saugerties even had a woman, (Anna Serravallo) who was in her 90s and worked in the brickyards and sat on my porch telling the most fascinating stories of life back then!
One thing we have always known about Goldrick bricks was that they were used in building the original Yankee Stadium!  Looking online you can find the bricks from the stadium selling for big money!

What a great expierence and honor it was to be part of such a cool event!  It was pretty strange having groups of people walk through my home with voulenteers telling them all about the home I live in...sureal.
My house...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The City of Hudson

The City of Hudson is now the latest cool, hip, trendy, and fun place to be!  One of the bloggers at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty just wrote a great blog about the real estate market in Hudson and how while opportunities to buy may have been missed, there is still PLENTY of properties with value to be found at a great price! 
It really was just a quiet sleepy town with some cool antique and junk shops a few years ago and needed some work.  The City of Hudson is one of the few towns on the side of the river that Amtrak reaches from New York City which makes it a really perfect weekend place for second home buyers.
Here is a photo album of the city of Hudson...
There are plenty of places to stay in the City of Hudson before deciding to buy property there.  Friends of mine own "The Inn at Hudson" and it's a really special place to stay in town...
If you think the City of Hudson is for you and want to find the perfect property for you, give me a call or look for City of Hudson homes on my website...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

One of my favorite "luxury" Properties...

An agent from my office has one of my favorite properties on the market right now.  I was at this home yesterday and it really felt like I was on vacation at a French Provincial farmhouse.  It's on over 50 acres and really feels remote and private, yet is still a short drive to the Metro North train station and a little over an hour from Manhattan!  It feels like such a vacation home that I suggested the agent post it on Craig's List as a weekly rental.  I also suggested she hire a professional photographer and get better pictures because I think the ones on the listing don't do justice to such a unique home.  There is even a large studio on the property for (lucky) house guests!  Let me know if you would like to preview this home.  If you are looking for country luxury property, this is it!
(okay, this picture is this morning's sunrise from my home, but as I'm blogging this was happening and I had to share)...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What are "buyer's agents" and "seller's agents"?

I am always telling people I know that they should never drive by a house they like and call the number on the lawn sign, (unless it's my! 
The person on the sign is almost ALWAYS representing the seller to get the highest price for the seller.  When someone is buying a home they should always hire a "buyer's agent" to represent them and get the best possible price for them.  This means the "buyers agent" will negotiate for them, know the current market, and really try to save the buyer (sometimes thousands) dollars. 
The best part about having your own "buyer's agent" is the seller of the home usually has to pay the "buyer's agent's" commission!  It's really like hiring an expert to work for you for FREE!
I hold an ABR designation to represent buyers and really love working for them!  Here is the website for the ABR information...
116 Fair Street Victorian House

The rich history in Ulster County Real Estate

Ten years ago when I was searching for that perfect piece of Hudson Valley Real Estate, I was fortunate to find an old farmhouse on the Hudson River.  The house I have been loving living in all this time has a really great Hudson Valley history. 
Kingston at one time about 100 years ago was home to many brick companies along the river.  The bricks were built here and taken by barge to Manhattan to help build the city.  The house I live in belonged to the Goldrick family which was also on the site of the Goldrick brick company.  The longer I have lived here, the more incredible things I learn about Goldrick bricks, (they built the original Yankee Stadium that was just taken down)!
On May 12th my home is going to be on the Saugerties historic home tour!  I live in the Town of Ulster, but my home is considered the "Flatbush" part of Saugerties.  Saugerties was just featured in Hudson Valley Magazine as  one of the "7 top towns" in the Hudson Valley!  Ulster County Real Estate in Saugerties is a very smart buy right now!
Here is the information about the Historic Saugerties Tour...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What can you get for under $250,000 in Ulster County Real Estate?

PLENTY!  There really are so many different typed of properties on the Ulster County Real Estate market right now priced under $250,000.  Looking for land in Ulster County Real Estate?  There are also plenty of land listings on the market today to build your own.  Coldwell banker Village Green is now working with a really amazing builder, and clients who buy land and use Catskill farms Builder for their dream homes are beyond happy with their new homes!  Here is some of Catskill Homes Builder’s properties…
Just doing a quick search for Ulster County Real Estate on the MLS, these great properties come up…
Looking for a special piece of land to make your own?  Ulster County Real Estate offers these great properties…
That is just a small sample of what is on today’s Ulster County Real Estate market for UNDER $250,000!  Want more information on these or any other Ulster County Real Estate properties?  Call today!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What’s so GREAT about Ulster County Real Estate?

One of the things Coldwell Banker Village Green agents know about Ulster County Real Estate is VALUE!  Well there is plenty of luxury Ulster County Real Estate, there are also plenty of properties that are priced for either first time home owners or maybe just something special for a second home “weekend buyer”. 

                What can you get for around $100,000?  PLENTY!  After a quick search on the MLS, here are a few great places for Ulster County Real Estate…
So, that is just a small slice of affordable Ulster County Real Estate.  Are any of these properties for you?  Call ME today!

Monday, April 2, 2012

spring rise!

Sunrise on the Hudson at home....

Hudson Valley happenings this SPRING!

So much going on around here this Spring!  Here is our latest newsletter...
Just let me know if you want to see any of these properties or any on my website...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My fave food and COFFEE!

Hudson valley coffee traders in uptown Kingston is where I spend almost every lunch break during the week.  Besides the most delicious coffee, they also sell really great sandwiches, Paninis, salads, and really something for any lunchtime craving.  The owners and staff are some of the coolest people in town, and can always give out great information for any local things happening you may want to know about.  The gallery space changes and always has a great art show up to enjoy while munching and wiring out!
They also do catering and I have used the for open house events, (guaranteed to bring agents and buyers)!
here is their blog...

Friday, March 23, 2012

The sweetest classic farmhouse

I just showed a home the other day I had to share with everyone!  This is a farmhouse in New Paltz and when I walked in with my buyers I just said "WOW"!  This house had really old charm and warmth, but with many new updates so someone can move right in!  It's also surrounded by the most beautiful apple orchards, (go ahead, pick your own...they are right out back)!  I have relatives that live near this home and they LOVE living there!  Here is the full listing!  Let me know if you want to  preview this.  I love showing it and am sure it will be sold SOON!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I was on Barbara Corcoran's segment on the TODAY show!!!

Barbara Corcoran contacted me asking to talk about my "this market is a DRAG" open house event I did a last year.  I told her "SURE"!  I am still so blown away by how many people saw it!  Here, see it for yourself, (I come on at about 2:30 in the story)...
Way cool after just returning from Rio De Janerio...(but that is a whole other blog post soon)!