Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hudson Valley happenings and hot spots...

SO MUCH going on the the Hudson Valley right now!  It's really always such an exciting time to be selling real estate in the area because clients new to the area can always see that this is the right choice for them!
Just across the Hudson from my Town of Ulster home is the "Country Living fair" from Country Living magazine being held at The Dutchess County Fairgrounds this weekend...
Here is the link for tickets... Country Fair ticket
Here is a GREAT article of some places the magazine picks for local eats, sleeping, and shops...
There are times selling Ulster County Real Estate where I somehow have a weekend OFF and get to some of our amazing annual music festivals.
One of the COOLEST music weekends is the Woodstock radio's WDST Mountain Jam festival on Hunter Mountain.  I usually try and get up the mountain for a day or people can go the whole weekend for music AND camping.
Not your thing?  Next weekend is the Clearwater Festival.  I live on the Hudson River and Pete Seegar is one of my local heroes for being the main reason the river is in the great shape it is today, (I swim in it all summer)!
The Clearwater Festival is a great way to hear some incredible music, AND learn some pretty cool things that may just change the way you live!
If you are traveling through Ulster County right now, you may hear something that sounds like a U.F.O. in a 50s sci-fi flick.  It's the 17 year hatching of the Cicadas!  I have them all over my house and really love hearing them.  They are creeping EVERYONE out, but they are harmless and only here for about six weeks.
Here is one from home...
(please stop reading now if you are not a bug person)
One hatching...
Ok, now back to selling Ulster County Real Estate for ME!

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